Property Management

With over 23 years of experience managing properties for clients in Ireland and abroad, I’ve honed my
expertise in a field that can be overwhelming for many landlords. My role goes beyond mere management; I
act on behalf of the landlord, ensuring a smooth rental experience.

My Comprehensive Services Include:

  1. Property Evaluation: Assessing the property and providing valuable advice to prepare the house for rent.
  2. Advertising: Promoting the property on platforms such as Daft and my own website to attract potential
  3. Tenant Vetting: It’s imperative to obtain both current and previous landlord references, along with work
    references, to select a suitable tenant.
  4. Lease Management: I collect the deposit and first month’s rent, draft the lease agreement, and take care of
    meter readings.
  5. Legal Compliance: Registration with the PRTB is handled by me, unless the client prefers to do it.
  6. Rent Collection: I monitor the monthly rent deposited into my bank account and handle all financial aspects
  7. Maintenance & Repairs: My commission is taken out of the rent monthly along with any expenses i.e: if the
    washing machine breaks down etc. I have a team on call to deal with any minor issues, the landlord will of
    course be advised before any works are carried out unless it’s an emergency. This does not apply to any
    structural or building works.
  8. Tenant Relations: Should any problems arise with a tenant, I will actively work to resolve them.
    If you prefer to manage the property yourself, I can find the tenant and set up the lease for you
    Trust in my decades of experience to make property management a hassle-free process. Contact me today to
    discuss how I can tailor my services to your need

Trust in my decades of experience to make property management a hassle-free process. Contact me today to
discuss how I can tailor my services to your need


Discovering the True Value of Your Home – Personalised Property Appraisals

Johanna Murphy & Sons, with its roots in the vibrant landscapes of Co. Cork, knows your community. With more than two decades of experience in the property market, we offer more than mere valuations; we offer understanding, compassion and partnership. Johanna is on that journey with up.

Your Home’s Worth, Defined by Experience and Local Insight

Before deciding to sell or rent your beloved property, wouldn’t you prefer a more personal and comprehensive insight into its market value? With Johanna Murphy & Sons, you’re not just getting a number – you’re getting an assessment that’s steeped in community understanding and professional expertise.

Professional Valuations, Guided by Your Needs

Whether it’s an appraisal for selling, banking, legal, or revenue purposes, we tailor our services to meet your unique circumstances. Our dedicated team offers personalised valuations in:

  • Probate
  • Family Law
  • Expert Witness
  • Banking and Mortgage Valuations (if on panel)
  • Revenue-related Valuations
  • Family Transfer
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Capital Acquisition Tax
  • Self-Administered Pension Funds
  • Housing authorities
  • HSE Fair Deal Scheme

Ready to Explore Your Property’s Potential? Let’s Talk!

Johanna’s legacy in real estate isn’t merely about transactions; it’s about forming lasting relationships with our clients and community. If you have a property to sell, rent, value, or manage, reach out to us.

Fill out our Valuation Form and we’ll be in touch, ready to assist you with the warm and professional service that defines Johanna Murphy & Sons.